April, 2019

To begin with, we will say in simple words, online visibility is basically that your target market sees you on the Internet, knows you exist, finds you and discovers what you offer. That is to say, the predisposition that has an web site of being found by the right people. On the other hand, online presence (or web presence) refers to the fact of being on the Internet: having a website, blog, ecommerce or social media accounts. As you can see, under this second criterion in this case we are not referring to the fact that our target (target market) can find us, but basically to the fact that we exist.

Being conclusive, we will say then, that the difference between having visibility and presence on the Internet is basically that, in the first one, the focus is oriented so that our target market can find us, and in the second one the orientation is basically to exist on the Internet.

The question is then, what should a company do to go from having presence to having visibility, here are some aspects to move from one scheme to the other:

Content Marketing tailored to your Target Market: Creating quality, relevant and timely content for your target audience is a great way to get new visitors to your website. It is worth mentioning that the contents must be unique and oriented to the areas of knowledge and/or specialization of your company.

SEO positioning: To appear in the top positions of Google, it is necessary that your website is designed and optimized for that browser. This is not a minor issue, there are many variables and SEO factors that affect the positioning of a web portal, the more optimized they are, the more visibility your brand will have and the easier it will be to find.

Social Media: Being present in social networks and creating an active community interested in your brand is one of the best ways to attract visits to your website and be known by your target. It is worth mentioning that to maintain a captive market, your social networks must offer differentiators and/or benefits to your followers, which is known as digital loyalty strategies.

SEM campaigns (online advertising): Well-structured and optimized Google AdWords campaigns or social media campaigns (such as Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads) can bring a lot of visitors interested in your product/service to your website.

Email Marketing: Well-targeted newsletter campaigns help improve your brand’s online visibility and have a very high return on investment (ROI) percentage.

Online communication: The relationship with online media or bloggers in your sector is ideal to make your brand better known and increase its visibility. Sending press releases or collaborating with guest articles are two strategies to follow to increase brand awareness.

At Inside Software Solutions we have experts in digital marketing and we can support you in your migration process from digital presence to digital visibility, so that your investment in digital media aligns with your strategic planning in terms of marketing.

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