It is a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that allows users to maintain an incremental and structured conversation with the computer through a chat or a conversation in Natural Language.  As for its representation, Chatbots are implemented within different platforms and social networking applications such as:

Chatbots Features

Within the portfolio of products and services of our company, we offer you the design and custom development of your Chatbot, so that through the use of cutting-edge technology you can modernize the way you serve your customers, while lowering operating costs and increasing your sales and the value of your business on the Internet.


Success Stories

@Chatio, is Guatecompras’ virtual assistant. It was designed to answer queries from users who require information on state procurement processes, as well as to resolve frequently asked questions.

MuniChat, virtual assistant that attends to the operational procedures of the residents of the different municipalities, such as payment of fines, payment of IUSI, payment of municipal taxes, as well as consultations regarding the different procedures that are carried out in the municipal offices.

We are able to design your own customized virtual assistant (ChatBot). Below are some of the areas of action in which we can support you:

Human Resources

  • Request for leave of absence
  • Consultation of accrued vacation days
  • Payment date inquiry
  • Consultation Projection of settlement calculations


  • Airline ticket price inquiry
  • Hotel Search and Reservation
  • Rent a car in another country
  • Consultation of destinations and probable flight dates


  • Table reservation
  • Availability and hours of operation
  • Consultation of available menus according to particular preferences

Financial Entities

  • Request for leave of absence

    • Applicable exchange rates
    • Savings and currency account balances
    • Minimum payments and credit card cutoff dates
  • Gestiones

    • Request for checkbook issuance
    • Credit card blocking request
    • Minimum payments and credit card cutoff dates


  • Medical search based on:

    • Symptoms
    • Chemical components
    • Manufacturer
  • Home delivery
  • Location map of nearby pharmacies

  • Frequently asked questions about:

    • Common uses of medications
    • Recommended dosage
    • Forms of preparation and application of medicines

Agente de Ventas Virtual

  • Consulta de productos

    • Según sus características
    • Según la calificación del cliente
    • De acuerdo al rango de precios
  • Gestor de ventas

    • Generación de pedido
    • Gestión de pago
    • Emisión y envío de documentos
  • Consulta del rastro del pedido

    • Estado del proceso de entrega
    • Información del envio
    • Día y hora probable de recepción